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Vol IV is out! You can download your copy today.

Hey there!

We just published Vol IV • 2022, containing 122 machine learning questions, answers, and explanations. These correspond to April, May, June, and July.

Last month I said that we were going to publish two separate books. We thought about it better.

One book it is.

Also, a quick reminder that the first competition is live! If you haven't started it yet, go to the site and look for the section "TIME TRAVEL." You'll see tomorrow's question, and you'll start participating in the competition by answering it.

Here is what the leaderboard looks like so far.

Finally, we are working on the email notifications you receive every day. Today, they are just notifications about new questions, but we plan to make them a fully-fledged newsletter. We want for Bnomial to become the best technical machine learning newsletter in the market!

Thanks for the support and consideration!



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