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A different way to learn

Bnomial publishes one machine learning question every day. It aims to teach you something new, one question at a time.

We believe strongly in the power of small habits. Tiny little changes that compound to incredible lengths over time.

That's what Bnomial is.

In April 2022, we started publishing questions. A quick story with a problem and a few possible answers. Something quick, practical, and fun that you could solve in a few seconds. In just 30 days, the site attracted more than 80,000 visitors. Every day, thousands visit us to answer the question.

This subscription improves on that.

What you get

  1. A monthly volume with every question from the previous month. After each month, we collect every question, review them, improve the explanations and publish a book with the entire collection.
  2. Special edition volumes. As we collect more data and publish more questions, we will post special edition volumes with questions for specific topics, hard questions, beginner questions, and other few ideas we have.
  3. A private leaderboard (working on this.) We are working on letting you create a private leaderboard to compete with your friends and colleagues.
  4. Access to a private Discord channel. We want to build a community around these questions. This is where you can discuss answers, offer suggestions, and take your learning to the next level.

As a subscriber, you'll get every one of the volumes and features we publish. This means you won't need to pay separately for newly published books or any other paid benefit we add to the site.

In Gumroad for now

We are planning to move every subscriber over to our site. It will be cleaner, and you'll have everything in one place.

Gumroad is the stopgap solution to keep us going.

When the time comes, you'll hear from us.


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Bnomial - Daily machine learning questions

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